Burgers 26.3.19

Our last group cooked their burgers today.  This is the last of our recipes and the children have now looked at get the recipes all finished for adding here and have begun evaluating what they have learnt and the skills they have developed from being involved in the food project this year.  We hope they have tried some of the recipes at home with you.

Macaroni 15.1.19

Our next two groups of children completed their macaroni cooking today while last week’s groups created their recipes.  These are now available in the recipe page above.  We hope you enjoy tasting the macaroni cooked in school – REMEMBER to store it in the fridge and reheat to 85 degrees C throughout – only reheat once.

Macaroni 8.1.19

We started the New Year making macaroni to continue our cooking sessions with P7.  We looked at the Eatwell Guide to decide how we could add in elements from each of the sections.  Our cooking was delicious!

13.11.18 Chicken Nuggets Take 2

The P7s from Miss Mullin’s class today joined Mrs Laird and Ms Wynne on a cooking trip up to Glen  Urquhart High School.  They got to meet Mrs Nellan, the Home Economics teacher and begin to familiarise themselves with the Home Economics department.  Their chicken nuggets looked just as delicious as last week’s group!

6.11.18 Chicken Nuggets

The P7s from Miss MacDonald’s class joined Mrs Laird and Ms Wynne on a visit to the High School to cook chicken nuggets, wedges and broccoli today.  Unfortunately, Mrs Nellan was unwell today so wasn’t available to show us round but, Mr Milton gave us a warm, friendly reception.

The children got to discover where all the utensils were and how to use the ovens and hobs as well as, the various skills involved in cooking their chosen meal and how to keep safe and hygienic.  Don’t the finished meals look wonderful?  Now can the children remember the steps to have a go at home?

6.11.18 Miss MacDonald’s P7s

Tomorrow the P7s from Miss MacDonald’s class will visit the Home Economics department at the High School to make chicken nuggets and potato wedges and meet the Home Economics staff.  They will require a Tupperware tub to take their cooking home with them.

30.9.18 Pasties

Our first group of children made their version of Cornish pasties today.  It was a trial run for both the children and Mrs Laird and resulted in us making double what we were expecting!  We also discussed easier ways of cutting out the pastry and experimented with how much to fill each one with.  They looked and tasted amazing!  We hope you enjoyed them at home also.Watch out for the first picture recipes being added in the page above in the next few weeks.

Food fun

The P7s spent their last session preparing for cooking after the October break.  In groups they each had a turn at ‘The Food, Mood & Health’ game and then researched how balanced their recipes were against the Eatwell Guide and also, what foods were in season.

This is what we learnt this week:
Constanza, Isabella, Ryan, Sennen and Ambar – Fish helps boost your brain as it contains a fat called Omega 3 which helps your brain develop.  Fish is also a good source of minerals.
Eilidh, Fern and Brandon – You can be fit and be bigger – physical fitness is a mixture of strength, endurance and flexibility.
Emeli – That coffee comes from Yemen
Keira  – Some healthy take away options in Drumnadrochit
Summer and Gemma – how to make healthy burgers
Jacob – that burgers can be healthy
Cameron – that fruit juice isn’t as good as real fruit – real fruit has fibre in it
Shannon – to eat your meals and not skip them when you’e hungry as it isn’t good for you and leads to overeating
Martha – to not starve yourself after having lots of food
Poppy Murray – how to cook healthy chicken nuggets
Alex – eating foods that are in season are better as they have more nutrients and are cheaper


Choosing our meals

Today all the P7s worked in groups to decide the meals they would like to make for the food project.

Each group came up with ideas and then the children voted for their favourites.

We have decided to cook:

  • Chicken nuggets
  • Macaroni cheese
  • Pasties
  • Fajitas
  • Burgers

HOMEWORK:  For next week, each group has a recipe that they have to source for one of these foods.  They can print it, write it or save it to their Google drive/email.  They should be healthy and able to feed a family of 4 for a budget of not more than £6 per meal.


P7 Pizza and STEM Visit

The P7 children had a wonderful time yesterday visiting Pizza Express and the STEM Skills base.  They learnt about the various ingredients that go into pizzas, where they come from and how they are used.  They then had the chance to try some of these, knead their own dough, add Passata sauce and cheese before it was baked in the pizza ovens.  Everyone got a pizza to take away – many were enjoyed for lunch while some chose to take home and share with family.

After this, the children took part in two workshops at the STEM hub in Church Street.  Firstly, they used the online TinkerCAD programme to design food based items that could be created in the 3D printer.  Then, they had to work in teams to programme and engineer a robot to open a lego fridge and push food into it.  This was challenging but, it was super to see the children using their problem solving and creativity skills to explore how they could move the robot and achieve the task.

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