Food fun

The P7s spent their last session preparing for cooking after the October break.  In groups they each had a turn at ‘The Food, Mood & Health’ game and then researched how balanced their recipes were against the Eatwell Guide and also, what foods were in season.

This is what we learnt this week:
Constanza, Isabella, Ryan, Sennen and Ambar – Fish helps boost your brain as it contains a fat called Omega 3 which helps your brain develop.  Fish is also a good source of minerals.
Eilidh, Fern and Brandon – You can be fit and be bigger – physical fitness is a mixture of strength, endurance and flexibility.
Emeli – That coffee comes from Yemen
Keira  – Some healthy take away options in Drumnadrochit
Summer and Gemma – how to make healthy burgers
Jacob – that burgers can be healthy
Cameron – that fruit juice isn’t as good as real fruit – real fruit has fibre in it
Shannon – to eat your meals and not skip them when you’e hungry as it isn’t good for you and leads to overeating
Martha – to not starve yourself after having lots of food
Poppy Murray – how to cook healthy chicken nuggets
Alex – eating foods that are in season are better as they have more nutrients and are cheaper


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